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Staff : Julie Gamze

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Julie Gamze


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Julie Gamze was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Julie's experience living abroad in Nicaragua during high school informed her choice to pursue Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies as academic fields. After completing her freshmen year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Julie transferred to Tulane. She completed her academic junior year abroad in São Paulo, Brazil, where she studied at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, with an academic focus on Brazilian national identity through literary works. Upon graduating from Tulane, Julie worked in the Oaxaca and Yucatan regions of Mexico as a College Project Supervisor with an international non profit organization.
Julie works closely with students as they explore, select, and choose study abroad programs for the summer, semester or academic year. She guides students in their capacity building through allocating resources to fundraise, seek financial aid, and apply for scholarships, to make studying abroad financially achievable for all students.

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